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Punch     1jab         2strong      3fierce

Kick         4short      5forward    6roundHouse

Universal Moves  

Taunt (Start)                                          Super Jump (D-U)                                         Dash (f f /b b )                                         Launcher (1+4)

Advancing Block (block )            One-Two (2+5)                                        Tag Team (3+6)                                 Team Counter (block BtoD, 3+6)

Team Super (DtoF, 3+6)


To switch team leaders hold 3P/3K on VS screen.
To fight against the secret characters you must do the following number of Team Super Finishes and Super Finishes   Dark Sakura + Akuma (50); Mega Zangief + M.Bison (23) or (32); Shadow Charlie + M.Bison (60).


Marvel Super Heroes

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Street Fighter


Optic Blast (DtoF, P)

Reflected Optic Blast (FtoD, P)

Gene Splice (F D DF, tapP)

Double Kick (DtoB, K)

Running Tackle (B-F K)

Running Combo (f f 1+4, tap1)

Mega Optic Blast (DtoF, PP)

Control Beam (DtoB, PP)


Web Ball (DtoF, P)

Web Throw (DtoB, P)

Web Swing (DtoB, K)

Spider Sting (F D DF P)

Maximum Spider (DtoF, PP)

Crawler Assault (DtoF, KK)


Shield Slash (DtoF, P)

Stars & Stripes (F D DF P)

Charging Stars (BtoDtoF, K)

Sommersault (FtoDtoB, P)

Final Justice (DtoF, PP)

Hyper Charging Stars (DtoF, KK)

Hyper Stars & Stripes (F D DF PP)


Mystic Stare (B-F P)

Mystic Bounce (B-F K)

Devitalization (DtoB, K)

The Spawning (DtoF, PP)

Chaos Dimension (360, PPP)


Drill Claw (dir+2+4/1+5)

Tornado Claw (F D DF P)

Berserker Barrage (DtoF, P)

Diagonal Strike (DtoF, 5)

Weapon X (F D DF PP)

Berserker Barrage X (DtoF, PP)

Fatal Claw (DtoF, KK)


Gamma Charge (B-F K)

Rising Gamma (D-U K)

Gamma Slam (BtoDtoF, P)

Gamma Tornado (FtoDtoB, P)

Gamma Wave (DtoF, P)

Gamma Crush (DtoB, PP)

Gamma Wave (DtoF, PP)


Dark Thunder (DtoF, P)

Inferno (DtoB, P)

Armageddon (DtoF, PP)

Demons (DtoB, PP)

Heart of Darkness (DtoF, KK)



Omega Strike (DtoF, K)

Carbonadium Coil (DtoF, file://c:/webpages/fighting/MSH vs SFK)

then Flip & Smash (dir+P) or Death Factor (tapP) or Energy Drain (tapK

Omega Destroyer (DtoF, PP)

Omega Air Destruction (jDtoF, PP)

Secret Characters

DARK SAKURA   goto Hulk hold, Start right for 5 sec 1+3/4+6.

Fireball (DtoF, P)

Hurricane Kick (DtoB, K)

Uppercut (F D DF, P)

Teleport (F D DF, PP/KK)

Shinkuu Hadoken (DtoF, PP)

Mizuru Zakura (DtoF, KK) (DtoB, KK)

Raging Demon (L3  jab jab f short ~fierce)

MEGA ZANGIEF   as above but use Blackheart and left.

Can use Yoga Flame (DtoF, P)

SHADOW CHARLIE   use Dhalsim and up.

Sonic Blade (B-F P)

Flash Kick (D-U K)

Air Flash (UtoF, K)

Sonic Break (DtoF, PP)

Somersault Justice (DtoB, KK)

Crossfire Blitz (DtoF, KK)

Final Mission (L3  jab jab f short ~fierce)

MEPHISTO   Omega Red with down

US AGENT   M.Bison with up

Venom   Ryu with down


Spinning Clothesline (PP/KK)

Banishing Punch (F D DF, P)

Spinning PileDriver (360, P)

Siberian Suplex (DtoF, K)

Floating Slam (F D DF, K)

Final Atomic Buster (360, PP)


Psycho Shot (DtoF, P)

Delayed Spark (FtoDtoB, P)

Knee Press (BtoDtoF, K)

Head Stomp (D-U, KP)

Demon Flight (D-U, PP)

Warp (F D DF, P/K)

Knee Press Nightmare (BtoDtoF, KK)

Psycho Crusher (BtoDtoF, PP)


Fireball (DtoF, P)

Dragon Punch (F D DF, P)

Hurricane Kick (DtoB, K)

Overhead Kick (DtoF, K)

Roll (DtoB, P)

Shoryureppa (DtoF, PP)

Shinryuken (DtoF, KK)

Hurricane (F D DF, KK)


Yoga Fire (DtoF, P)

Yoga Flame (FtoDtoB, P)

Yoga Breath (FtoDtoB, K)

Yoga Teleport (F D DF, P/K)

Yoga Flight (DtoB, KKK)

Yoga Inferno (DtoF, PP)

Yoga Strike (DtoF, KK)


Dashing Punch (DtoF, P)

Fireball (DtoB, Px3)

Dragon Charge (F D DF /DtoF, P)

Hurricane Kick (DtoB, K)

Fireballs (DtoB, PP)

Beat Down (DtoF, PP)

Hurricarnage (DtoB, KK)


Fireball (DtoF, P)

Dragon Punch (F D DF, P)

Hurricane Kick (DtoB, K)

Fireballs (DtoF, PP)

Hurricane (DtoB, KK)

Shinryuken (F D DF, PP)


Fireball (DtoF, P)

Flaming Fireball (FtoDtoB, P)

Dragon Punch (F D DF, P)

Hurricane Kick (DtoB, K)

Ashura Warp (F D DF, PPP/KKK)

Ground Roll (DtoB, P)

Air Roll Attack (DtoUF, PP/K)

Drop Kick (jDtoF, K)

Fireballs (FtoDtoB, PP)

Dragons (F D DF, PP)

Air Fireballs (DtoF, PP)

Raging Demon (L3  jab jab f short ~fierce)


Fireball (BtoDtoF, P)

Lightning Kick (tapK)

Rising Spin Kick (D-U, K)

Split Kick (FtoDtoB, K)

Power Storm (DtoF, PP)

Thousand Burst Kick (DtoF, KK)

Spinning Shadow Kick (DtoB, KK)


Wave Punch (DtoF, P)

Shiny Dragon (F D DF, P)

Photograph (BtoDtoF, P)

Autograph (BtoDtoF, K)

Flurry Kick (DtoB, K)

Rolling Taunt (DtoF, /DtoB, Start)

Wave Punches (DtoF, PP)

Shiny Dragon (F D DF, PP)

Independent Certain Victory Fist (DtoB, KK)

Super Taunt (DtoF, DtoF, Start)

Suicide (L3  3