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marvelall.jpg (65210 bytes)Here it is!!!  The newest of the Capcom Crossover series:  Marvel VS Capcom!!!   So, what's new in this crossover installment?  The new variable cross system of course. When the player has 2 pow meters, both members can be put in the screen at once to beat the crap out of the opponent, literally. I say this because as long as the time limit doesn't run out and the character becomes alone (or if one of the character miraculously dies), they can use their super moves infinitely. I myself was able to beat many challengers thanks to this system- it shouldn't be effective once people learn to actually guard. One of the problems that this system has is that the player must control both characters at the same time, so if both the characters are not on the same side of the screen, it may be confusing as hell. But most people I have seen playing the game did not bother to worry about it.