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CPU Stage

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The Apharmd models are designed for use as guerrilla shock-troops, armed with a pair of beam tongfers especially suited for hand-to-hand combat, turbo speed and sturdy armor make the Apharmd droid a force to be reckoned with on any battleground.  Another VR based on Temjin. It is modified for close range combat. Apharmd has better armor and higher speed than Temjin. It's tongfer is the most fearsome close range weapon in the game, But its shotgun is quite useless. Great skill is required in controlling Apharmd.


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Weapons Strength

Weapon Damage Speed Homing
Shotgun 4 4 4
Bomb 4 2 2
Tongfer 10 2 4

Close-Range Weapon Activation Distance (In Meters)

Robot Left Central Right
Apharmd 14.9 139.9 54.9

Relative Dash Speeds (1-10 rating)

Robot Left/Right Forward Backward
Apharmd 5 10 1

Virtuoid Ability Comparison (1-10 rating)

Robot Mobility Jump Jets Power Close Combat Weaponry Armor
Apharmd 6.5 6.25 8.25 10 5 7.5

Personal Virtuoid Rating

Apharmd is basically a hybrid of Temjin.   There are a few differences, but they are quite significant.  The shotgun needs to be refilled more frequently and the tongfer has a shorter range.  Even though Apharmd is faster and has more armor, the lack of firepower makes Temjin a better choice than this bot.  On a scale of one through ten, Apharmd deserves a 7.

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