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CPU Stage

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The Bal-Bas-Bow was released well after the other DN-Group battle droids, and it represents a new direction in virtual warfare tech-droids. It has no legs and its quite slow on the ground, but it has awsome jumping ability. It's weapons do not cause a lot of damage but they are difficult to evade, especially Floating Mines.  With longer sustained jumping power and next generation smart guide weapons systems, the Bal-Bas-Bow may be the newest stage in battle-droid evolution.   It has no legs and is quite slow on the ground, but its has awesome jump abilities. Its weapons do not do much damage but they are difficult to evade, especially the floating mines. Bal-Bas-Bow is considered by many to be the weakest VR in the game.


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Weapons Strength

Weapon Damage Speed Homing
Ring Laser 4 6 2
Floating Mine 2 4 10
Arm Bit 4 2 8

Close-Range Weapon Activation Distance (In Meters)

Robot Left Central Right
Bal-Bas-Bow 24.9 - 44.9

Relative Dash Speeds (1-10 rating)

Robot Left/Right Forward Backward
Bal-Bas-Bow 7 2 4

Virtuoid Ability Comparison (1-10 rating)

Robot Mobility Jump Jets Power Close Combat Weaponry Armor
Bal-Bas-Bow 3.75 9.25 7.5 3.75 6.25 4.75

Personal Virtuoid Rating

Of all the virtuoids in the game, Bal-Bas-Bow is arguably the weakest.  Although its jumping power is only matched by the Viper, the lack of speed and powerful weapons makes this robot the hardest to control and use.  It is a challenge to use Bal-Bas-Bow, but when used carefully (such as the CPU does) it can be a formidable opponent.  On a scale of one through ten Bal-Bas-Bow deserves a 2.

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