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CPU Stage

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The Fei-Yen is the fastest of the DN-Group droids.  It is sleek and streamlined for high-speed maneuverablility.   The armor and heavy weapons may be cut back at first, but the Fei-Yen has a devastating secret attack system for last-ditch defense.   Compared to Viper II, Fei is more agile, but she does not have as good a weapon system. But when her life is reduced to half, she will switch into Hyper Mode and all her attack will be twice as powerful.


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Weapons Strength

Weapon Damage Speed Homing
Hand Beam 2 8 4
Bow Gun 6 4 6
Heart Beam 8 2 10

Close-Range Weapon Activation Distance (In Meters)

Robot Left Central Right
Fei-Yen 64.9 - 44.9

Relative Dash Speeds (1-10 rating)

Robot Left/Right Forward Backward
Fei-Yen 7 6 2

Virtuoid Ability Comparison (1-10 rating)

Robot Mobility Jump Jets Power Close Combat Weaponry Armor
Fei-Yen 10 8.75 7.5 5 6 4.5

Personal Virtuoid Rating

Fei-Yen has very weak armor, but her speed makes that up.  She is very hard to hit, but her weapons are basically weak (unless stranded together)  The Hyper mode is helpful, but it's not worth losing so much energy to turn it on.  Fei-Yen is an average virtuoid.  On a scale of one through ten, Fei-Yen deserves a 6.

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