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CPU Stage

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The Raiden droids are feared equally for their dual laser cannons and their strontium-alloy armor.  If these machines have a weak point, it's the lack of speed and jumping ability.  However, they usually don't need to spend much time trying to get out of anything's way.  Raiden has great firepower. Its laser is the most powerful weapon in the game. Raiden is also the most well armored VR, but its maneuverability is the lowest.


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Weapons Strength

Weapon Damage Speed Homing
Bazooka 8 6 4
Ground Bomb 4 2 2
Laser 10 2 2

Close-Range Weapon Activation Distance (In Meters)

Robot Left Central Right
Raiden 24.9 - 49.9

Relative Dash Speeds (1-10 rating)

Robot Left/Right Forward Backward
Raiden 5 4 1

Virtuoid Ability Comparison (1-10 rating)

Robot Mobility Jump Jets Power Close Combat Weaponry Armor
Raiden 4.5 5 8.75 4.5 8.75 9.5

Personal Virtuoid Rating

With that crazy laser, Raiden has the most powerful and best weapons system in the whole game!  Although it is very slow, the weapon system will usually back it up.  With good strategy and gaming prudence, a person can go very far with Raiden.  However, the lack of speed puts it as a sitting duck and it is usually defeated by faster virtuoids.  On a scale of one through ten, Raiden deserves a 7.

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