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CPU Stage

stage1s.jpeg (6097 bytes) Flooded City

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The Temjin was the first prototype developed by the DN-Group.  This machine was made for stability and performance - an all-around fighting machine.  What the Temjin might lick in advanced technologies, it makes up for it with its reliability. The Temjin is the most well-rounded VR in the game. It is fast, well armored and has good weapons. Excels in close to mid range combat. His right hand weapon is most deadly in the game.


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Special Move: Gliding Ram

5.jpg (11153 bytes)Jump, and at the peak of your jump, press forward on both sticks and both triggers at the same time. You must be on full charge on all three weapons to be able to execute this. You can turn Temjin around in the descent phase of this move.

Warning: This move depletes all your bomb and beam sword guages, and really isn't all that useful.

Weapons Strength

Weapon Damage Speed Homing
Beam Rifle 7 6 4
Bomb 4 2 2
Beam Sword 10 2 2

Close-Range Weapon Activation Distance (In Meters)

Robot Left Central Right
Temjin 14.9 99.9 54.9

Relative Dash Speeds (1-10 rating)

Robot Left/Right Forward Backward
Temjin 7 7 1

Virtuoid Ability Comparison (1-10 rating)

Robot Mobility Jump Jets Power Close Combat Weaponry Armor
Temjin 7 6.25 8 9.5 7.25 6.25

Personal Virtuoid Rating

I think that Temjin is the best virtuoid in the entire game.  Temjin's Beam Rifle is the strongest of all right hand weapons, and it reloads quickly.  Temjin is also very manuverable and can dodge enemy attacks quite easily.  The Beam Sword is also devestating, second only to Raiden's laser.   Temjiin also has the fastest and longest close range attack.  On a scale of one through ten, Temjin deserves a 9.

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